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Best of Swiss Gastro Award Night 2017 – Zurich

My personal highlights: Understanding that Social Media is getting more importance in the whole gastronomic branch in Switzerland (Read below why) – Tasting probably the best “Cremè Schnitte” ever prepared by the Swiss World Pastry Chef Rolf Mürner

This event is of high importance for many gastronomes in Switzerland. The Champions League of Swiss Gastronomy comes together to celebrate the winners and enjoy a relaxed ceremonious atmosphere. It’s the 14th time, that the Swiss a jury and the audience selects “Best of Swiss Gastro” winners in eight different categories and one Master category. The jury reviewed over 50’000 applications over a period of 3 months.

During the ceremony it has been pointed out several times from the jury, that offering a modern and excellent functioning website as well as active social media presence are crucial to obtain this prestigious award. I am happy to hear, that all the work we do in social media is rewarded and appreciated. People go with the trend, checking the internet before making a reservation is a common attitude nowadays.

144 gastro companies applied for the awards in the following categories:

Activity (gastronomic facilities that offer more than food abut also leisure & Sports, Bar & Lounge, Classic (typical Swiss Cuisine), Coffee, Fine Dining, International , On the move (Takeaway and self-service), Trend (innovative food concepts)

The award trophy is the famous wooden cross. This year the award night took place at Hall 622 in Zurich. Nik Hartmann, the well known and silver-tongued moderator of the Swiss Radio SRF lead just perfect through the evening. The culinary highlight for me was the dessert created by the Swiss World Pastry Chef Rolf Mürner. A dream of a vanilla cream melted on my tongue on a thin and perfectly shaped millefeuille, in between a delicious drop of strawberry jam. The dessert came accompanied by an admirable live played version of purple rain.

Who are the winners of the 8 awarded categories and who is the Master?

Every year there is a category that awards a Master. Only one nominated can reach out for this award. The “Master 2018” went to the Ristorante da Enzo in Ponte Brolla in the beautiful Ticino this year. The evening gave me chance to get an overview about many new and existing spots to discover. I absolutely want to try a truffle Kebab very soon at Ayverdis in Zurich and surely make a trip to Berne to the ice cream heroes called Eiswerkstatt.

Here all winners and category at a glance

Congratulations to all the winners. I am happy to have new food places in Switzerland to discover soon and add them on the Lovefoodish foodguide.

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STORIESZurich Blogging

Where to find the best Summer cocktails in Zurich made with Williams Pear Schnapps?

This summer I discovered a new way of enjoying cocktails. There is a Schnapps, or let’s call it Eau-de-vie branded Williamine from the company MorandIt’s made of Swiss William Pears originating from the region of Wallis. My first thought when hearing that Schnapps can be mixed into a cocktail was bit skeptical. After having tried it with different sweet components as for example home made lemon/orange sirup I got fascinated from its mild and fruity taste.

On tour through Zurich Bars to find Summer Cocktails with Williamine

A Zurich blogging tour through some Cocktail Bars showed me how to combine this delicious schnapps best. My tour started at Kronenhalle Bar where Christian, an experienced Barkeeper in town, mixed Williamine in a simple way with some Lemon skin, Bitter lemon and a flower flavor called Blütenzauber of the brand The seventh sense. By the way, Restaurant Kronenhalle has probably the best Zürich Geschnetzletes in town. Get more on my foodguide here.

I continued the summer cocktail tour at Tales Bar located at Selnaustrasse. Here Jakob mixed Williamine with egg white, fresh lime juice, home made lemon/orange sciroppo, orange bitter and maraschino. This combination was super sweet and my favorite I have to say.

My last stop was at Cinchona Bar at 25Hours Hotels Langstrasse. Here Sebastian mixed the Williamine with Ginger Beer and some lime juice. Their signature cocktails are with Highballs. I stopped by here in the afternoon to follow their philosophy of Daydrinking! I absolutely enjoyed that one, too!

Which is your favorite way to drink Williamine? Do you prefer a sweet, dry or sour cocktail?


Win a bottle of Williamine!

I have one bottle of Williamine for you. You can perfectly enjoy it at home, too. Maybe even pure for cold winter days in a hot tea.

Here is the question:

I enjoyed Williamine as a Cocktail at Tales Bar. The Williamine Cocktail is called LeeLoo. This name is of a caractere that plays in a movie, do you know which one it is?

A) Lord of the Rings

B) Games of Thrones

C) The Fifth Element

Send me your answer at marina@lovefoodish.com or comment below by September 22, 2017 and enter to the price drawing. Follow me on instagram !

Leave your comment here!

    Who is Williamine and how is it produced?

    A premium Eau-de-vie produced in the Swiss region of Wallis made of the Williams pear AOP. In this area of Switzerland the climate is just ideal to give these fruits an intense, harmonic fresh taste. The William pears are picked green. They mature in crates until they reach the ideal maturity level, then they are sorted out, crushed and fermented. After they are distilled and stored at least 6 months before they are sold on the market. The company Morand is a well experienced distiller, get more information on the company and its product selection here.


    This is a sponsored article in collaboration with Morand.

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