Food Matters, where and why?

In this section my goal is to give you a overview of sustainable food projects going on in the city of Zurich and the world. I am open to get any inputs and suggestions from you guy. Drop me a line with your ideas!

Cuisine sans frontières – Kitchen battle for a good aim!

I found about this project on ronorp strolling around media news.
And once contacting the responsible project manager I was convinced to participate as a volunteer. I was excited about the idea to be the camera man filming Swiss Chefs competing against each other!

Who stands behind Kitchenbattle?kitchenbattle
This gastro event organized by the association “Cuisine sans Frontière” is the food event highlight in autumn. Famous Chefs cook with the aim to have fun and gather donations to supporthumanitarian project. A selected group of best local restaurants show cooks a 4 course menu live on the stage 3 days in a row. The event takes place in Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Zurich. The teams get a fixed small budget which often is a challenge. Their creativity has no limits to prepare dishes that get judged by a jury and the attending guests after each show.
The winner of the cooking series is rewarded with the Kitchen Battle trophy. The ambience at this event is very entertaining and relaxed. It’s lovely to see the Chefs rushing from one plate to the other.

Cuisine sans Frontière

Cooking and eating together improves quality of life: conversations take place, relationships are built and problems approached. These everyday experiences are the base of Cuisine sans Frontières activities.
Convinced? Join one of the events, the next are taking place in November. Click the links more information about the association and the Kitchen Battle 

Slowmobil – A kitchen on wheels for kids and teenager to create food awareness

How great is this, a truck converted to a rolling kitchen that can be booked by educational institutions (schools, daycare or kindergarden) to educate kids about food topics. Kids learn all important facts about food production, sustainable ambient topics and enjoy self cooked dishes. The consulting on how to implement a school garden can be a topic, too. Slowmobil is sponsored by Convivia Aargau / Solothurn, Zurich Oberland and City and Ostschweiz. This project is terrific! Book it!

www.slowmobil.ch. Love it! Share it!

Ässbar in Zurich, St. Gallen and Bern – Foodwaste was yesterday, here we get fresh bakery from yesterday, because Food matters!


We are all striving for a healthy living and more and more we are even trying to make sure that our environment gets less damaged. Did you know that 1/3 of all Swiss food lands in the waste? This was reason enough for a group of food-conscious people to create the project called Ässbar.

In cooperation with various local bakeries, products and patisseries are sold at a very discounted price at their own shops or by a food truck. For big events they offer home delivery! Try it! The one in Zurich is located in the Niederdorf.


Eat in, a regulars’ table for foodies in Zurich organized by the dynamic association Slow Food Youth Schweiz


Mark every first Wednesday of the month big in your calendar! This is when all the foodies meet. Every time at a different place. Everyone takes something self-made or self-purchased. The important fact: we are all foodies so we put emphasis on bringing something self cooked and maybe even a rarity that cannot be found in every shop. What comes together here is enchanting and delicious! The conversations inspiring, variety of food and lots of actual food themes.

Who is Slowfood Youth Schweiz?
The association is an international network of young people who have set themselves the goal of paying attention to the origin of food. In addition, the organization wants to sensitize other people to a better food future. They operate predominantly on a regional level. There are cantonal or international projects, too. Show-up and enjoy! The main table is accessible to all, you can register on an e-mailing list, then you always get news on events.