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Experimenting detoxing summer recipes with Beneva Black Water

Exploring a new food trend for detoxing: Beneva Black Water made of activated charcoal

The life of a food blogger can be very tuff! You try a lot of fancy food. Further you get in contact with plenty of product trends by following social media channels. I love food and I want the right balance to keep my body fresh and juicy. Lovefoodish is a curious foodie. It’s very obvious that I want to try this new detox water called Beneva Black Water from the Swiss company Beneva International. Knowing that behind that brand stands a Swiss company gave me the trust bonus I always care about when it comes to new products.

But first of all, how does it taste?

The black water is neutral in the taste and fresh. It brings plenty of benefits to your body. After a hangover it is the perfect natural medicine, too. I love it cold or in my chia pudding. Get some recipes below!

What is activated charcoal made from?

Activated charcoal is made of coconut shells that have been heated to high temps, then treated with steam or other natural activating agents like phosphoric acid until it becomes a highly porous powder.

What is active charcoal doing to your body, why should you use it?

Activated charcoal is used as a detox agent to absorb a host of heavy metals, chemicals, and pharmaceutical drug. It absorbs the toxins from your body and since it is not absorbed by the body, the toxins along with the charcoal are expelled, leaving your body cleaner and more toxin-free.

So in a brief:

  • Removes heavy metals like lead and aluminum.
  • Deodorizes foul smells.
  • Removes symptoms of traveler’s diarrhea.
  • Reduces ulcers in the stomach.
  • Can be used as a toothpaste to whiten teeth and eliminate foul breath since it kills bacteria.

I experimented a bit with it and created two detoxing refreshing summer recipes

Chia black pudding with blueberries and coconut yoghurt

  • half bottle of Beneva Black water
  • 2 spoons of chia seeds
  • 250 grams of blueberries
  • 2 spoons of light coconut yoghurt, coconut flakes

Blackwater ice cubes with blueberry and grated lime & lemon skin

  • Beneva Black water
  • grated lime and lemon skin
  • blueberries

Who is Beneva International ?

I met the CEO Raphael Rohner from Beneva International in person to get the whole picture of the company and their products. I understand, that their philosophy is to offer alternative products to the actual conventional food choice. Products that are made of clean and healthy with guaranteed organic origin. Beside the Black water they launched the Beneva Black powder that is used as a natural teeth whitener. The industry is fascinated about its efficacy! Get some more information here.

How about some history to prove this is all working?

Hippocrates, the Greek physician considered the father of natural medicine, used activated carbon to cure many patients suffering from epilepsy, swindle or flatulence. I like the fact that activated charcoal has been called black magic due to its color and healing abilities.
This already back in the year 1773. Further experiments and scientific studies confirmed around 1963 (Holz and Holt, Activated charcoal vs. “universal antidote” as an antidote for poisons) that activated charcoal is an antidote for poisons. So if you eat something wrong or bad, this helps, too!


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