Maiensässhotel Guardaval Lenzerheide

Explore old traditions of the Maiensäss at the Hotel Guardaval

In this story I share with you the history of the Maiensäss hotel located in Sporz, a hamlet directly above Lenzerheide in the canton of Graubünden/Switzerland and how these houses have been turned into a unique romantic luxury alp hotel.

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What means Maiensäss?

The word ‘Maiensäss‘ derives from the month of May (Mai in German), when the cattle were raised for the first time in the year. It is also a special form of an Alm/Alp that is a cleared area with huts and stables. The houses are 300 years old and rich of history and traditions.
In 2009 the Hotel Guardaval was built on fabulous preconditions to offer a place where the beauty of the nature, local traditions and luxury alpine design melt together.

Find 11 Maiensäss huts and barns located 1600 meters above sea level. Some of the houses have maintained their original facade. Fantasize what happened behind these facades years ago!
The Hotel is managed by Ralph Treuthardt, an experienced Hotel Manager and Chef. Ralph’s and the staff’s mission at Hotel Guardaval is to show you the secrets of the Maiensäss, to lead you to precious moments of peace, serenity, consciousness.


Find 50 retreats with different arrangements and categories available. Get a chic double room in the authentic Maiensäss style or the private chalet with an own sauna, whirlpool and hay bed. Every room differentiates from each other. Be prepared for a unique experience. In the SPA Guarda Sana your body and soul get spoiled and energized with lots of attentions. Get a massage to relax your muscles and prepare the senses for a mouthwatering dinner. Find all booking details here.

Seminars & incentives

People looking for a calm and inspiring place with space for creative ideas fare away from the busy city should try this surrounding. It makes an ideal venue for inspiring exchanges. Everything you need is available: modern equipment, brights rooms and space.

Food & 1 Michelin star

Choose from two restaurants. The Crap Naros serves Local dishes and cheese fondue. The fondue is one of the best you can find in that area! Don’t miss that. The spacious outdoor terrace is great in summer, if you are lucky you got the chance to meet Roger Federer having a beer, since he lives in Lenzerheide.

For dinner choose the restaurant Guarda Val. Chef Thomas Walz and his team are amazing. The ambience is elegant and warm. The menus vary. I love the symbiosis of modern and ancient that merge together. The plates are mouth-watering, colorful, delicate and prepared with love.

Secret hint – Wine and Cheese!

If you got the chance let Ralph Treuthardt guide you through the wine cellar that owns over 300 different wines and great sorts of cheese. There is a wide selection of local wines. I love the fact that he knows the suppliers personally, supports their local business and has the background of every ingredient used in the hotel.

Don’t miss the wine & Dine events at Hotel Guardaval, where you got the chance to be introduced to their excellent quality products.

Leisure time! Feel the old traditions during your stay

Hotel guests get the opportunity to experience nice packages during their stay. Milk a cow to get fresh milk for breakfast or visit local farms to experience real farm work. If you are in the mood of hiking, this place is just great or try the great biking trails.
In winter go for a sledge ride or snow walking. Use the hotel transportation service that brings you to the close by skiing slopes or picks you up at the bus station.

My personal highlights

The Maiensäss houses are indefinable calming and charming. Hearing the wind rustling is a precious way to fall asleep for me. Taking a bath looking up at the sky and watching the stars is the cherry on the cake.

I  experienced the staff being very helpful. Their happy smiling faces made me understand, that working in such an idyllic and natural ambience must be energy charging. Having personal chats exchanging stories of immigrants was touching and threw me back into my own life as the kid of an immigrant.
Hearing the Wurlitzer Jukebox playing Elvis and the Beatles gave that additional feeling of jumping back in the years. Everything matches perfectly here. I absolutely recommend a stay at Hotel Guardaval. You will be inspired.

Thank you for using the Lovefoodish accommodation guide.



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25 Hours Hotel HafenCity Hamburg

My personal highlight: It takes five seconds to understand that 25hours Hotel HafenCity is a place thought up to the last corner. Real place, real people

Ahoi and welcome to HafenCity. This vibrant still strongly developing area of Hamburg is fascinating. The name of the streets suggest the international vibes. Singapur Street, San Francisco street, Osaka Allee, we have them all. The buildings here are all architecturally perfectly planned and designed. It’s Europe’s biggest inner-city urban development project. A culturally diverse home to 2,800 residents, a place of work for about 12,000 employees of more than 730 companies, and a center of learning for 5,000 students.

This is the home of Elphi, known as Elbphilharmonie a phenomenal concert hall. It’s THE architectural landmark of Hamburg that opened this year planned and projected by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. I love the fact that this building looks different from every angle you admire it. It may seem a huge sail or a huge cruiser.

This is 25 Hours Hotel Hafencity Hamburg

Hafen City is lovely for promenade walks along the rover Elbe or having drinks and dinner in a bar or restaurant. Find details about that area in my other story about Hamburg and check their informative website!

Who is 25 hours hotel?

A young dedicated management and staff that follows the mission Real place, real people. Which means feel home away from home.

Find 25 Hours Hotels in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich. All the hotels are tailored to each location. The approach is to offer a Bed & Breakfast including useful additional services. Every house follows a different theme. In Berlin for example the location gives the tone. Being close to the zoo you’ll find the ambience playing with the contrasts of nature and culture. In Hamburg Hafen City obviously it’s all about Sea life.

  • 170 cabins
  • meeting space for up to 200 guests
  • club floor to relax
  • heimat kitchen+bar with traditional food
  • harbor sauna with a breathtaking view over the new harbor area
  • mare kiosk with quality products as food, books, gadgets and gimmicks
  • ue boom bluetooth speakers in all rooms
  • Vinyl room with hundreds of selected vinyls of great music
  • iMac workstations and game room
  • free of charge mini car and bike rental
  • a hearty and service oriented staff that makes you feel home away from home

The 25 Hours Hotel Hafencity is located only 5 minutes walk from the underground station at Überseeallee. Entering the house is like going on a cruise with an individual urban groovy style.

Get the feeling of being being on a container ship. One of the conference rooms consists of stylish containers that have carefully been selected. These containers have been on 7 continents. The elevators  and floor signs underline the industrial feeling. The design is well combined with heartwarming stories. 25 seamen have been interviewed from the designers team to get inspiration on the architectural concept of the house. Stories of dangerous voyages, romantic encounters, violent storms and painful farewells are interpreted in a characteristic and appealing way.


17o cosy and comfortable cabins in the sizes M and L for couples and friends, families or business trips. The rooms feature all you need: UE Boom Bluetooth speaker, TV and a cute teddy sheep to fall asleep.

The rooms are decorated with a lot of attention, here you sleep in a bunk styled room. Forget a classic or standard room concept. The maritime theme surrounds you all over with paired shapes, colors and materials.

There is a in-house radio station that plays songs guests and the staff selects. You are always surrounded by good vibes!

I love all extras listed above. Profit form the free car rental. Drive through HafenCity in a cool mini.

They support local brands. The soap is a very nice reminder to stop water flowing while teeth brushing!

Do you need a stylish bag for a city tour? Use their hand made canvasco bag made of used sails.

Food & Drinks

The in-house Restaurant Heimat Küche & Bar offers classical and seasonal dishes created with locally sourced products. The place is not only frequented by hotel guests. Locals choose it, too. Their Schnitzel is absolutely worth trying. Find delicious local sea food as a baked cod if you prefer a fish menu.

For breakfast I love their tea selection called samova and the hand made jams from Marges, both from local producers.

My personal highlights

Andreas Schnuerer, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager 25Hours Hotel HafenCity and the team gave me a very hearty welcome and made me feel immediately home. Andreas provided me plenty of details for this story. This is the way they treat every guest in the house.

After my dinner I found out by chance through the guide geheimtipphamburg that the Wiener Schnitzel had at their Restaurant Heimat Küche & Bar is one of the best in town. So my culinary highlight: the Schnitzel.

It warmed my heart observing the Chefs through the glass front while preparing plenty of dishes in a fast tempo. Their happy smiling faces and relaxed attitude shows that people feel home here.

Getting a bottle of water after checking out from the staff at the reception was very attentively.

Thank you very much 25HoursHotel Hafencity for this memorable experience. I felt home.



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Hotel Storchen Zurich

A Juwel rich of tradition and history reopens at the Limmat river in Zurich: Hotel Storchen’s location is unique. Waking up facing the river and admiring the beauty of Grossmünster or the Alps is memorable

The renovation of the hotel took place in 6 1/2 weeks only tells Director Jörg Arnold at the press conference. A team of ca. 400 specialists made this project happen. The logistics were quite an effort, due to its very central location. A detailed and professional planning was indispensable.

Today the Storchen is proudly presented with its new plumage. The house architect Patric Meier from P. Meier & Partner AG and the interior designer Ina Rinderknecht and Christoph Cavigelli had the task to reposition the Hotel Storchen as a contemporary hotel still keeping its traditional heritage for an international young clientele.

Walking through the hotel corridors my eyes capture the high quality materials that have been selected and perfectly brought into place. There are plenty little details, where you understand that the topic here is the stork itself as well as the element of the water. Some of the lamps remind me a ships buoy. Delicate shining white ropes integrated as a decorative material in the curtains may build the bridge to a classy yacht, too. The colors of the plums are well incorporated everywhere. It’s all about to feel the Stork-Image confirms the designer.


There are 66 rooms and suites in several room categories available. Every room offers a combination of classical furnishings, together with warm colours and modern facilities. The rooms facing the river or the alps are breathtaking. Get all the booking details here.

Banquets & Seminars

Find several offers of tastefully, functional equipped rooms of varying sizes for business events and family celebrations for up to 100 people. Get more information on all available rooms here. This calm and settled ambience will surely positively influence the time spent at hotel Storchen. Get in contact with the hotel to find out all details about their seminar offer.

Food & Drinks

La Rôtisserie, Cigar Bar and Barchetta Bar, Lounge, Piazza are all newly renovated. For early birds or night owls, a quick drink or a long, leisurely lunch, here everybody finds what he is looking for. The food and drinks are presented with a hearty portion of passion, creativity and flair.

Axel Eichhorst, sous-chef, Cyrille Anizan and team look forward to surprising you with all manner of delicacies at La Rôtisserie in the evenings and daytime. There are special Lunch packages available, too. A one hour lunch for business people or a relaxed Saturday Shopping lunch. Stop by and check it out.

A special Food Event for sea food lovers will take place in March. André Jaegers Fischbuffet is well known in the city. He is a experienced Chef that will cook delicacies for hotel guests and non. Find more about their offer here.

In the Cigar bar you feel thrown back in time. This room is kept classy and authentic. It invites to sit back and relax, chat with friends. You find an extensive range of exquisite cigars and exclusive spirits to suit all tastes.

My personal highlights

Taste the Trancio at Barchetta which is a warm pizza bread with fresh rucola, dried tomatoes and cheese. Or try the version with Prosciutto, too. Absolutely fresh and really mediterranean flavored. Fredi Nussbaum will be serving a range of new dishes at Barchetta.

Get a coffee or a fresh juice in the Lounge or at the bar and enjoy they magic view facing the river and the old town of Zurich.

Overnight in a room overlooking the Alps and the beautiful Grossmünster.

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AccomodationFoodLocal Swiss Food

Hotel Chesa Rosatsch Celerina/St. Moritz

How curiosity brings me to a Foodie Hotel in Celerina/St. Moritz with one of the best Swiss Gin

Thanks to my continuous interest in food and drinks I found out about this place in the Swiss Engadine Alps. The Hotel Chesa Rosatsch is located in Celerina, not far from St. Moritz, directly on the Inn River.
This region is world famous for its natural beauty. The Silvaplana Lake situated very close to Celerina is a kitesurfer’s paradise. The Lake of Sils close by is a great challenge for sailors. Myself I took some cool sailings lessons up here last autumn, the power of the wind is astonishing! If choosing this destination, be prepared for some great fun and a large choice of activities.

Hotel Chesa Rosatsch: More than a hotel – a paradise for foodies

This house was built in 1633 and consists of 4 houses today. They are all connected together like a little labyrinth. The owners put much care and love to keep it still so graceful and traditional as it is. This “Foodie hotel” is a secret hint. You get spoiled with the choice of choosing out from 3 restaurants. The minimum of nights you should book is 2 so that you get a taste of their culinary program starting from local food to Slow foodnose to tail or dry aged meat. Jonas Gantenbein is the Manager of the house.

Additionally I found a puristic premium quality Gin called GINUIN here. I am the proud owner of 1 bottle out of 100. The Gin’s taste is aromatic and kind of strong. The fresh branches of thyme and lemon skin in the glass deepen the flavor. I can drink it pure, that’s a good sign Michael a close friend of Hotel Chesa Rosatsch tells me, since only good quality Gin can be enjoyed pure!


By walking through the corridors you easily get thrown back in time by the antique photography hanging on the wall. The rooms have a classic decoration with the right touch of modernity. Book a double room or a spacious family room with private kitchen. Use the sauna where you can relax after your hiking or skiing adventure. Find more details here.

Restaurants & Drinks

Restaurant Heimatli

This place is casual and concepted for people that love simple Swiss Cuisine in a homey ambient. 400 years ago you could have found a butcher shop here. Today it lives from its authentic interior. It’s outfitted with glasses, plates and single pieces of furniture from Engadine second hand shops.
Local people appreciate it due to its simplicity paired with the excellent quality price ratio. Get a 3-course lunch menu for only 19 CHF.

Gianna the manager of the restaurant has lovely stories to share, for example where to go for a cheese manufacturer tour during your stay. Or how a Chef of the kitchen brings hand picked plumes of her garden to work to produce the delicious liqueur vieilles prunes (plums) for hotel guests.

My food experience

I got some flavorsome Engadine curd pizokel with a mild mountain cheese sauce, chard and bacon as a starter followed by tender beef cheeks with mashed potatoes. The beef was marinated for 3 days and prepared 48 h sous vide to get that delicate and juicy taste. The dessert served a exquisite apple juice cream.

Gianna and her staff are happy to serve a matching craft beer with the food. They have pleasurable local craft beers. I had a Black Boval, it’s a dark and bit sweet beer brewed at the Brauerei Engadiner Bier. I even tasted a bit of a chocolate out of it.

Restaurant Stüvas Rosatsch (14 Swiss Gault & Millau)

At Restaurant Stüvas Rosatsch (Stüvas means parlor) you can enjoy Slow food dishes prepared from Chef Jan Gassen and his team. More than 95 % of the ingredients originate from the Engadine or the close by “Veltlin”. Here Slow food is lived daily not only on the paper but served on the plate. The Stüva is the first official Slow food certified restaurant in Switzerland.

If you get the chance, make a tour in the cellar and explore their stock of fruit and vegetables. They are preserved during summer time to offer quality food all year long. Pears, apples, berries, figs, old varieties of carrots, I saw some Engadine artichokes!

Your nose to tail menu

Try a Variation of the Terra Retica ox Oxtail consommé with vegetable pearl and a Raviolo filled praline and tartar or the Grand Alpin Lasagne with calf’s milk piccata Jura Truffle and boiled Lömmenschwiler Beans.

Their wine choice is variegated; choose out of almost 400 wines. There is a vast selection of Swiss wines. Marco and Daniela know a lot about their wines ask for recommendation.

Restorant Uondas

Uonda means wave. Being located directly at the river the wave was an essential element to be included while designing the interior of this restaurant. I find the outcome really classy and intimate. Restorant Uondas is known around St. Moritz for its unique home maturated meat called “madüra” which means maturation. The Master butcher Ludwig Hatecke stands for the exceptional quality of this regional meat.

I had the chance to admire some big piece of meat in their in-house maturation cellar. There are different cuts of meat as lamb, beef or veal. Maturation time varies due to the size of the piece. Lamb takes about 4 weeks, veal 6-7 weeks and beef up to 12 weeks. The meat is stored in a special fridge at a temperature of 1-2 degrees. Humidity is ideal for the maturation process. It looses up to 30% of water, this makes it reducing weight and getting a prestigious delicacy. A tradition of meat aging on the bone improves the taste and tenderness of the meat.

Meat lovers order an own piece of meat and get a detailed report about its maturation process. When it has reached the ideal maturation Daniela, the manager of Restorant Uondas calls you and you organizes you a table for dinner! Reserve your meat here.

My food experience

The madüra meat is available in different ways of preparation. Take a combination of starters to get the whole picture. I loved the vitello tonnato, the roast beef and veal tartar. I put only a small drop of lemon olive oil and bit of black pepper to that natural very divine meat savor. They have a menu called “Tavolata” that gives you a good selection of dishes for an evening.

The nose to tail offer is superb; too, go for a spider veal steak for example or a hanging tender steak. I got a veal steak as a main grilled over lava stone. Honestly, it’s one of the best steaks ever had in my life. The most tasteful piece is the one at the bone! The meat comes with veggiesquinoacrispy pommes-allumettes or a spicy eggplant parmigiana. Whatever you desire.
In the hope that you still have some space in your stomach, try the homemade soft ice cream. It’s preparation follows a secret recipe and offers different toppings. I loved it natural.

My personal highlights

Discovering this place enriched my food horizon. The whole team welcomed me hearty and spoiled me with all of their attention. I felt like attending a private gastronomic class. There is so much passion for everything they do. It’s kind of viral! All the insights about the madüra meat, nose to tail and the Slow food preparation are values I will never forget.

I am not a Gin connoisseur, but after having tried their Gin called GINUIN I am officially starting exploring. This Gin follows the Slow food concept and contains only genuine botanicals, exactly 25 of them. The juniper used is collected in the local forest of Pontresina. Even hotel guests collect juniper branches for the Gin when they go for a walk. I love the fact how people feel involved to support their projects. The lemons originate from a village called Limone at Lago di Garda. They explain to me, that it is still in an allowed geographical distance parameter, since even closer, than taking it from Geneva. The Gin is distilled with a special procedure of a double bain marie. This creates its premium quality. The fresh handmade marsh mellows matched perfectly with the Gin!

Thank you Hotel Chesa Rosatsch, Michael, Jonas, Daniela and Gianna for this unforgettable experience. See you soon again.




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Hotel Wetterhorn Hasliberg

All in one experience in the Bernese Alps: Exquisite food, live music and superb accommodation

The Wetterhorn is a secret escape at Hasliberg, a mountain in the Bernese Alps located in between of Lucerne and Interlaken. Either by car or train, you can get there very easy for a weekend trip and enjoy hiking or skiing or a great concert. By car you reach it in 40 min. from Lucerne. What this hotel offers was kind of unique and new to me. It’s more than just an accommodation.

Built in 1907, it was originally a summer residence, now it’s transformed into a modern and idyllic ambience where culture meets local food and nature. Christoph and his team introduced me to the heritage of the Hotel Wetterhorn. Since the house was abandoned for a while and you cannot imagine, how the interior of the hotel looked like! Once standing empty being an old illegal party place it is today a shining star in the Berneroberland. The house has been completely renewed. Sinnvollgastro is the owner of the house. They are a Lucerne-based company in the gastronomic business specialized in the conception of innovative culinary places. I have to confirm, they did an amazing job up here!


There are several room categories available in the house even party people find modern multiple bedrooms for a good budget. Every room is kind of different and unique. I stayed in a deluxe room that I absolutely recommend. The room is cozy, warm and spacious. Most of the rooms have an own kitchen, which offers great comfort. The ambience is stylish with a mix of simplicity. Closing the day by taking a relaxing bath and enjoying the panoramic view with a sunset was memorable.


Book their seminar package and enjoy a well-equipped room to work on your creative business ideas. The ambience will inspire you for sure. Get in contact with the hotel to find out all details about the seminar offer.

Food & Drinks, Cantina 1313

The Wetterhorn team puts great attention to origin of their products. Food waste is a topic they care about. The beefsteak I had comes from their local farmer up at Hasliberg. It’s a highland cattle a very prestigious and delicious Swiss beef! The meat is prepared on a grill, the taste super tender and juicy. It was accompanied by some red beet and potato Röschti with an extremely crunchy taste.

The house follows the nose to tail concept which means, that every part of the animal is used in the kitchen and seen as precious good. Their menu is simple but prepared fresh and with delicacy.

How do they care about food waste?
The Chefs use their creativity to prepare great tasting pickled veggies, this to produce some stock for the winter. They also cultivate a nice permaculture garden that offers a super selection of herbs all year long.
The cantina 1313 is the wine cellar of the hotel. Ask for their enchanting wine card and get the chance to select your own bottle of delicious drops with an expert guide.

For liqueur lovers it’s a must to try the unique Heuschnaps (hay Liqueur) made according to an old tradition from pomaceous fruits. Its taste is delicious sweet! Don’t get addicted! Further you find nice red wines, cocktails and house beers that I absolutely recommend.

Events and activities

Going a bit into the events I find a great mix of activities for young and old. Famous Swiss Acts as Adrian Stern or Dabu Fantastic and International acts as Mozart Heroes are on the program for this year. Beside the music acts join their legendary the Sausage Festival, Snow Boccia or a Yoga week. As you see, the variety of activities is surprising! The whole program is available here.

My personal highlights

Waiting at the bus station two 80 years old ladies started telling me personal stories about their youth and Sunday walks up here. They seemed very happy to see the Hotel Wetterhorn in this new robe now. Local people love to stop by for lunch or a coffee and chat with the staff.

My other highlight offered me a lovely flashback to my childhood. While dining I observed a little girl walking with the staff into the kitchen to prepare a chocolate cream. How attentive from the staff taking complete care about small and big guests! The atmosphere in this place is uncomplicated and relaxing and very welcoming. If you get the chance talk to Oxi, he takes care about the whole house and knows a lot of stories to share!


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Privà Alpine Lodge Lenzerheide

My personal highlight: Paradise for families, couples and solo travels find modern comfort, peace and a blue sky full of shiny stars at night

Choose the Privà Alpine Lodge Resort if you want to keep your living habits from home in an alpine surrounding.

The Chalet Village is a real pearl in Lenzerheide. Its concept of offering living spaces in 90 Chalet-Apartment and 3 Chalets is unique. In the Chalet Village you have everything you need:

Underground parking, shuttle transfer from/to train station, direct access to the ski slopes, ski school and rental, play land for kids, mini-shop, a wellness area and great restaurant.

Take a short walk through the forest to get to the lake of Lenzerheide, which is lovely for ice skating in winter and swimming in summer. If you love Biking, discover the most beautiful and secluded places around here on great bike trails. There are many events and activities, too, in the whole region! Find more details here.


Feel at home when you enter into the Chalet Village. Privà Lodge offers a modern living for couplesfamilies and groups in spacious and high quality equipped apartments. The interior design and furniture are elegant and modern with a wonderful alpine touch. Choose an apartment with a private infrared sauna you will not regret it! In Winter you can do the Kneipp just on your snowy terrace!

There are various categories of rooms and sizes available that match your budget. Find here all details.

A world for kids

Families love this place. There is a ski and snowboard school and a special kids program (starting as of 2 years old) where they can have fun and entertainment all day long. A professional is there to take care for them.

Food & drinks

Feel the hearty hospitality everywhere in this house. Corina and Daniel the manager of the house take care of their guest’s wishes personally. All the staff carefully understands your needs and makes you feel home from the first moment you enter the door. There is a restaurant, a bar and a restful Cheminée Lounge in the resort or if in a hurry order your food take away.

My personal highlight

The highlight of my stay at the Privà Lodge, (I admit that I abused a bit the fact that I am a food blogger) was the chance to have a look behind the scenes in the kitchen and chat with the staff. I immediately felt like being part of a team. Exchanging my instagram name with their youngest Chef Vera made me feel honored and happyfoody.

Further, Kenny, also a Chef at Privà Lodges explains with lots of attention where the ingredients come from they use. Now I do also know, that they prepare a great Italian carnaroli risotto rice, the Acquerello risotto produced in Vercelli/Northern Italy! Thank you for this insight! It’s a great joy to see people creating food for you with creativity and love. It connects me with the plate, once served on the table.

The restaurant offers delicious traditional Swiss meals prepared with local and international products. Their meat menu and pizza are my favorite ones on the menu. Taste their selection of local white and red wines. They are excellent.

I absolutely recommend having a cheese fondue in the little wooden “Berghüttli” (little alp house). It’s a magic atmosphere dining with candlelight having a fell on your lap and feeling like being up 2500 m high in an alpine house. And even practical, after your Fondue you walk only 5 minutes back home.

So if all of this matches your ideal winter or summer holiday up in a tranquil village, check it out or get in contact with Privà Alpine Lodge. I enjoyed my stay and lovely talk to Daniel and his staff. Thank you!



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My personal highlight: Wipkingen Ofeneier, don’t know any other place in town that makes them like they do.

Brunch, coffee, music, b&b

This place is in a urban and much liked area of Zurich in Kreis 1o. Its interior is easy and casual. The concept of having a large table where you can join other people if you’re coming alone is great.

The must tray on their menu are the Wipkinger Ofeneier, the Müsli is delicious, too. Everything is made of fresh and local ingredients. It’s a place to go for a drink afterwork, too, you meet people from the Kreis.

Kafischnaps is a good alternative to a hotel, if you have some friends staying over. They have lovely rooms! At weekends there are also live music performances .

Give it a try! It’s located at Kornhausstrasse 57 close to Schaffhauserplatz/Wipkingen.


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