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Boreal Coffee

boreal coffee zurich

My personal highlight: Flat white with an aromatic nutty taste and good space to spend time to work at my computer

My favorite coffee is the flat white or an aero press. They have different coffee blends. I love the aromatic and tasty ones.

The barista love to play with fancy foam designs.  The coffee shop offers good space to hang around and read a book or do some work on your computer.

You find Boreal at Talacker 41 and in Oerlikon.

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Swiss Excellence at the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival 2022 – Tobias Funke and the Pacman dish

My personal highlight: A delicate dish called “Pacman” made with a layer of corn catches all of my attention

We waited for so long and couldn’t be more excited to finally attend the 28th edition of St. Moritz Gourmet Festival in the upper Engadine! This year’s festival was dedicated to Swiss Chefs with the aim to specifically support the country’s top gastronomy and the producers as well as suppliers of fantastic regional products.

At the center of the program with different events as gourmet dinners and tastings were celebrity guest chefs, such as Tanja Grandits and top chefs Markus Arnold, Mitja Birlo, Stéphane Décotterd, Tobias Funke, Dominik Hartmann, Stefan Heilemann, Patrick Mahler, Heiko Nieder and Mattias Roock. Lovefoodish had the pleasure to attend the Gourmet Dinner of Chef Tobias Funke (Restaurant Incantare, Heiden)  and Chef Markus Arnold (Restaurant Steinhalle, Bern).

Gourmet Dinner Experience with Chef Tobias Funke -Restaurant Incantare (2 Michelin starred), Heiden at Saratz Hotel, Giodi Vegetarian and Co., Pontresina

Chef Tobias Funke -Executive Chef and Managing Director of Gasthaus zur Fernsicht Heiden and his staff took over the kitchen of the renewed vegetarian Restaurant Giodi located in the Hotel Saratz, Pontresina for a week to spoil all Festival guests with his culinary and complex cuisine. Funke’s passion consists in constantly creating new compositions using international, specifically selected or cultivated products with mainly local ingredients following a nose-to-tail philosophy. He likes cooking with cuts of meats that are not so well-known, this makes his signature dish is the “Challans Duck breast: A sandwich of heart with an onion stick. According to Funke the biggest challenge at the Festival was to adapt to a different kitchen setup – they brought all of their ingredients from their Restaurant in Heiden.
The menu represented a real piece of fresh and delicate art discovered bite by bite. Every dish came accompanied by beautiful illustration cards created by his friend Massimo Milano, The illustrations explain the ingredients used in every dish. What a great idea getting mentally prepared to read the story of each dish before the cutlery guides the bite into my mouth!

A dish inspired by a video game – and a plate to lick!

My first culinary highlight was the amuse-bouche representing broccoli in 4 different ways and the text: Läck Mii (lick me) that according to Tobias Funke should bring us back to the time as a kid when we used to lick up the plate when we liked something a lot. And yes, that’s the way I ate the amuse-bouche of course.

The second highlight was the “Pacman” dish – also this reminded me of my childhood and the videogames! I was impressed by how thin and elastic the shape of the Pacman, the taste was a little sweet and delicate. Tobias Funke used a corn base for the Pacman, the sides were bulgur and eggplant.

The dessert called “The Stone” was an absolute joy, too. Little tiny cut cubes of granny-smith apple with a base of roasted rye, yogurt, and parsley ice cream made me fly to heaven! The bit sour and sweet taste was a delight.

All dishes were served in beautiful hand-made pottery that is created exclusively for the restaurant by a local artist. The menu was accompanied by wines of course. Another very special experience was the paired non-alcoholic drink offer, which was put together by the sommelier of the Hotel Saratz! Absolutely fantastic idea to enjoy an elegant wild quince Juice or a Green Dragon Lung Ching Green Tea with the dishes.

The vision of a Swiss Chef and entrepreneur

Talking to Tobias Funke made me understand, that he is a full-time entrepreneur and Chef. He takes care of the social media accounts himself, has a webshop where you can buy several products, leads Cooking classes for team buildings at his restaurant, and always has ideas ready as a pop-up hotel or the cozy gondola village for an incomparable fondue experience  (open only in winter) at his Restaurant Fernsicht. We also talked about the image of Swiss Cuisine in the world and I can only support his view, that Switzerland has much more to offer than Chocolate and Cheese. There are many high-level gastronomes (as we could experience during the whole St. Moritz Gourmetfestival) that develop innovative, sophisticated, and holistic food concepts. Maybe we just need some more acknowledgment from national media to bring this Swiss culinary message out to the world.

About the complex Zur Fernsicht in Heiden:

Heiden is a village in the region of Appenzell. The Gasthaus zur Fernsicht lies at the Constance Lake. Find two restaurants in the old factory owner’s villa: the Incantare (two Michelin stars, 17 Gault Millau points) and the Swiss Alpine (Bib Gourmand). Tobias Funke is one of the first chefs to receive a green star, by the way, the restaurant Guide Michelin gives this green star to particularly sustainable restaurants.

Thank you St.Moritz Gourmetfestival, Tobias Funke, and the staff at Hotel Saratz for this unforgettable dinner!

Read here more about the experience at Nira Alpina Hotel/Silvaplana with Chef Markus Arnold (Steinhalle Bern), my second Gourmet Dinner night at St. Moritz Gourmetfestival 2022.

Presstrip – St. Moirtz Gourmetfestival

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Bean Bank Coffee – Best Specialty Coffee in Zurich


My personal highlight: Developing my coffee taste thanks to premium quality beans Nikos and his staff serve

Bean Bank Coffee is the address you have to mark big on your specialty coffee list in Zurich. Nikos knowledge of coffee is incredible. And believe me or not, the coffee you drink here is served in excellent quality, meaning; you can choose from a  diversity of coffee flavors, have a flat white or filter coffee and enjoy high-quality ingredients, best brewing recipes, and consistency. There are several options for vegans, too to drink and eat.

Their big selection of premium specialty coffee various from some of the best roasters in the world as The Naughty Dog from the Czech Republic, taf coffee from Athens, Greece, or Friedhats from Amsterdam, Hollandwell. I love the nice pottery and all the coffee equipment to brew coffee at home they sell in the shop, too!

Bean Bank Coffee is located in Europaallee at Lagerstrasse 18c, 8004 Zürich.

Opening Hours

Monday thru Friday 7.30 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, Sunday it’s closed.


In the mood for some restaurant suggestions in Zurich? Find them here!

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Coco Grill & Bar, Zurich

My personal highlight: Choose by your own the piece of meat that comes on the charcoal grill and join Manager Dominik in the wine cellar to get the wine of your choice!

What if you get access to the kitchen and have the unique opportunity to taste the menu with the staff before it is officially available for the guests? I said yes and joined the team at Restaurant Coco Grill & Bar on a rainy Monday in Zurich close to Paradeplatz!
What makes this place special is the direct interaction between the staff and the Chef. You choose directly the wine and piece of meat you’d like to have prepared!

The menu changes ever week at Coco’s and is rich of fresh seasonal ingredients and stays a surprise until it is served on your plate!

The ambience at Coco’s reminds me of an ancient idyllic boat, decorated with lovely maritime items all over the restaurant.

Dominik the manager welcomes me to the restaurant with fresh homemade apple aperitivo and introduces me to the staff that is hungry waiting to taste the menu of the week. Chef Patrick Frischknecht (before at Eleven Madison Park, New York) explains to me the week’s menu consisting of 5 courses including a Swiss Fish (Belper Quellwasser) or juicy cuts of beef or veal, some seasonal vegetables such as for example beetroot or celery hand made “Schupfnudeln” and waffles as a dessert. Coco Grill is famous for its charcoal grill, so watch out for their meat or fish!

The garden outside invites you to have a gorgeous tasty plate and a glass of wine for example with homemade spreads such as hummus or grilled veggies and meat!

Say yes if Dominik invites you to discover their wine cellar!

Find different wines from Switzerland, Spain, Italy or France for example that pair well with your menu! Choose it by yourself in the cellar located in the sous-soul of the restaurant. The cellar can be rented for private small events! Get more here.

Visit Coco for your lunch break, business dinner or a friend’s night! The food is the Mediterranean with a personal touch from Chef Patrick!

Address: Coco Grill & Bar, Bleicherweg 1A, am Paradeplatz, 8001 Zürich, Telefon: +41 44 211 98 98

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 11.00 – 15.00 and 17.00 – 24.00 Uhr
Saturday 17.30 – 00.30

In the mood for more food inspiration? Get them on my food guide!

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Coffee & Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz, Zurich


My personal highlight: Make new friends while exploring the full spectrum of specialty coffee

A place that was really missing in Zurich! Located at 2 minutes from Bahnhof Enge in a spaceful and bright spot where sitting outside is possible, too: Welcome to Coworking Lounge at Tessinerplatz 7 !

What makes this spot one of my new favorite working spaces?

Nikos is a skilled and experienced barista that explains me all details about the world of specialty coffee. How much do you know about the complexity of preparing a coffee ? How does it get that perfect temperature and the milk and coffee balance is at the point your palate is getting the pleasure he wants?

Being able to pick up on the flavour profile of a coffee doesn’t just look impressive, it also heightens your enjoyment!

At Tessiner co-working lounge I have my spot to work, enjoy a delicious coffee or fresh brewed tea and home made vegan cakes. Get more on the co-working facilities here.

Opening hours Coffee Bar‍: Monday – Friday 07:00 – 19:00
Coworking Hosted Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00

Address: Coworking Lounge Tessinerplatz, Tessinerplatz 7, 8002 Zürich

In the mood to discover other coffee places in Zurich? Check my guide!

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Asian Food

Misoga Korean restaurant

Korean Food

Korean food

Welcome to Korea. I love this place! As the name says, it’s the house of smiles. And I am sure you will feel the same. If you never tried the Bulgogi, the time has come now. It’s a Korean style barbecued beef; tender, with fresh veggies. It comes in a colourful bouquet of delicious sides like the famous kimchi, pickled veggies, rice and bean paste.

The ambience is very relaxed. If you don’t know how to eat your Bulgogi the lovely staff will help you to wrap it right in the fresh green lettuce leaf!

Bibimbap is signature Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). The ingredients of Bibimbap are stirred together thoroughly with a spoon just before eating.

You can also order your food for takeaway!

Address: Misoga, Drahtzugstrasse 5,  8008 Zürich

Opening hours:  Montag-Friday: 11:30-14:00, 18:00-22:30, Saturday: 18:00-22:30, Sunday closed

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Tisch Bank Stuhl: Coffee & interiors at Bürkliplatz

My personal highlight: Enjoy your Coffee in the middle of an interior shop with a sableés from Mallorca

Sometimes I just need a different environment for my daily routine of having a coffee! This is why the place Tisch, Bank, Stuhl located close to Bürkliplatz is the choice when it comes to be surrounded by style, colors and design.

My eyes immediately catch the beautiful old-fashioned Faema machine, the roast they offer is from Carlito.

The shop is a well-known address in the city for accessories, lamps or pieces of furniture with avant-garde or classic design.
The owner Urs Brack is a Mallorca fan and often on the island, so he brings home sablées from there to enjoy with a coffee!

Address: tischbankstuhl & co. ag, Fraumünsterstrasse 2, 8001 Zürich

Opening hours: Tuesday: 7.00 am – 6.30 pm, WE/THUR: 10 am – 6.30 pm, FRI: 7.00 am – 6.30 pm, SAT: 10 am – 4 pm

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Brunch @ Cinchona Bar – 25hours Hotel Zurich

My personal highlight: Brunch à la carte with probably the best Shakshuka in Zurich!

The easy way to brunch: at the bar or on a cosy sofa in a living room ambience

Welcome to the Cinchona Bar located in the 25hours Hotel at Langstrasse / Europaallee. The place is famous for its High Balls in town and the extraordinary lively ambience.
I discovered their brunch menu that fits perfectly if you are not in the mood for a large buffet but more into plates to share with your friends.

Need help in choosing out of the menu?

Get a great choice of healthy food as a crunchy Granola bowl with creamy greek yoghurt and fresh fruits or delicious pancakes, vegetarian or classical American ones with bacon and maple syrup.
My heart goes boom for the Shakshuka. The tomato sauce is spiced just perfect and the eggs are amazingly creamy inside. The way I absolutely love them. Als recommend The grilled Pastrami Sandwich! The mustard is the perfect match for the beef, sourdough bread, egg and spinach.
Read their complete menu here!

What about a breakfast juice at the bar? Choose the Fortified MARY Vodka infused with spices and portwine, lime, tomato juice!

Prices vary from 9 CHF for the Granola bowl, 12 CHF for the American pancakes, 13 CHF for the Shakshuka to 19 CHF for the grilled Pastrami sandwich.

Address: 25hours Hotel, Langstrasse 150, 8004 Zürich

Opening hours: Breakfast is served from Monday to Friday, 0800 am to 1030 am, Saturday & Sunday 0900 am to 0200 pm.

Take a look at my review of their hotel, if you plan to stay for a night there!

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Grande Café Zurich

grande cafe

My personal highlight: Can clattering dishes support creativity? Yes, but only combined with delicious specialty coffee and a lovely smiling staff

Grande Café bar is the spot you find me when I decide to work out of home. I have a perfect functioning WIFI and best specialty coffee from the roast BEANS served with love and a glass of water! Grande is located practically 2 minutes from Central at the Limmat river.

It’s the first address to choose when you are heading to the city centre and don’t want to be disappointed when it comes to coffee or cocktails or good mood atmosphere.

My favorite non alcoholic drink is their homemade Milonade made of lemon juice lovely decorated with mint leafs and fresh fruits!

The interior is simple and stylish, same the music that comes out of the loudspeaker. Other members of the family are: LE RAYMONDBOVELLI and DANTE.

Address: Limmatquai 118, 8001 Zurich, Kreis 1

Opening hours: MON-WED 07:30-00:00 -THU 07:30-01:00 FRI 07:30-02:00, SAT 9:00-02:00, SUN 10:00-19:00

Thank you for using the Lovefoodish Coffee and food guide Zurich!

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Desta’s Coffee and craft beer the Alehouse Palmhof Zurich


My personal highlight: Enjoying premium coffee from Ethiopia and a tasty coffee flavored craft beer

What makes a coffee place special? Do you like interaction with the barista? Are you looking for tranquility to work or exchange a word with other guests? Maybe even a tasty craft beer after work?

I found all of these at Alehouse Palmhof close to the university in Kreis 6.

About Desta’s coffee

Desta’s Coffee is a premium coffee roasted of single origin arabica beans. The flavor of my flat white was nutty and mild. These coffee beans are cultivated around 1’900 meters above sea level among a totally natural environment in the rainforest of southwestern Ethiopia. Desta Daniel Kebede is half Swiss and half Ethiopian and has a strong relation to his origin. That is how the passion for coffee brought Desta’s coffee to life. The company cooperates with local partners and offers them conditions that they can develop themselves. How do they do that? 20 percent of the gains which is generated flows back directly to the worker. Transparency and respect are important values that are lived here.

Desta’s coffee is available at The Alehouse and distributed nationally to other coffee spots. You can also order their quality coffee online.

20 taps and 1 hand pump of craft beer

If you are into craft beer after your coffee break stop by for a glass. The Alehouse is practically located close to the university. Find local Swiss beers and international ones. Sit at the bar and let the big screen on the wall suggest you the actual beer offer. I tried an excellent coffee craft beer Espresso Stout from the Japanese brewer Hitachino and a sour beer called La Vertu Autumn Sour. The staff is well skilled to tell you a story about every single beer. Are you curious? Find the actual selection of craft beers here.

All about my food experience will follow soon in a separate story! Their brunch is waiting for me.

Address: Universitätstrasse 23, 8006 Zürich, Kreis 6

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 8.30 am to 12 pm,  Saturday 11.30 am – 12 pm, Sunday 11.30 am – 5 pm

Thank you for using the Lovefoodish Coffee and food guide Zurich!

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