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Top 5 Zurich Ice Cream Shops

Zurich Blogging for the most creamy, tasty and yummy Gelato! Get inspired by my top 5 list – Have you tried them all?

What happened in Zurich the last year makes every gelato fan thrilled. Zurich has a fantastic selection of artisan gelato! For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of the top five gelato stores in Zurich. If I’ve missed one, please feel free to add it!

Criteria that make the gelato land on my top 5 list

  • fresh ingredients
  • homemade, not artificial in the taste
  • no food additives, no concentrates, no syrups or food colourings
  • low sugar content/cream taste
  • light in the belly
  • creative flavours

Here are my favourite gelati shops in town

  • Gelateria di Berna, at 3 locations in Zurich: Weststrasse 196, Frau Geroldsgarten, Zollstrasse 117, Zürich
  • Hasta Ice Cream Zurich, Zwingliplatz 3, Zürich
  • Rosso Arancio, Stauffacherstrasse 37, Zürich
  • Eisladen (new since April 2022) at Birmensdorferstrasse 101
  • Tellhof  (Their ice cream mobile at the lake is a must-stop on your Zurich bucket list!) the shop is located at Tellstrasse 20!

Gelateria di Berna

Gelateria di Berna is a term for everybody that has A. been in Berne already and B. loves homemade organic ice cream that is not too creamy but genuine and pure in the taste. Get Gelati di Berna now in Zürich at Weststrasse 196, Brupbacherplatz close to Lochergut.

Between Livorno and Follonica, where all began

The history of Michael, David and Hansmartin is lovely. They used to eat Gelati as they were kids during their camping holidays somewhere between Livorno and Follonica in Italy. The desire of having this summer moment back home motivated them to create their own artisan Gelati in Switzerland. That’s how Gelati di Berna was founded in Berne 2010. That’s where I had my first best “Berna” Gelato back in time!

Their recipes follow ancient Italian Gelato traditions. They trained gelato-making in Verona from artisan Gelato makers. This is to create their ice cream as authentic and tasty as possible. Find 30 creative flavours to choose from. Vegan and lactose-free.
Creative gelato combinations such as strawberry sorbet with Aceto Balsamico, seasonal rhubarb ice cream or a scoop of Fior di Latte Lavender, wait for you.

More than fair is the price. 3.50 CHF for 2 scoops.

Hasta Icecream Shop

This company produces ice cream out of a family passion, too. Paulo’s father Rolf is a passionate food lover since ever. That is how he started producing ice cream 20 years ago in Argentina. Back in Switzerland, he wanted to make this delicacy available to the Swiss folk. The first shop opened in Sion/Wallis 15 years ago, now they are in Zurich at Zwingliplatz 3 in the Niederdorf.

Hasta stands for Heladeria Argentina-Suiza Totalmente Artesanal

The whole family loved this ice cream and motivated Rolf to start running an ice cream shop back in time. Paulo is running the shop in Zurich. His brother contributed to the company, too by drawing the logo at the age of 6! I love the drawing!

Their Gelato is 100 % natural, fresh and mostly seasonal ingredients are used. The selection of fruity flavours is creative and variegated. My favourite is the bergamot flavour which is a crossing between an orange and a lemon. For the chocolate flavour, you get the best Swiss chocolate from Felchlin.

Price per scoop: 4 CHF.

Gelateria Rosso Arancio

This ice cream shop is offering traditional homemade Italian ice cream since 2017.

Close to Stauffacher here you can choose from their traditional and seasonal flavours made of 100% natural ingredients.

Pistacchio, hazelnut or Fior di latte? Watch at their ShowLab how the artisan gelato is prepared!

Price per scoop: 3.50 CHF.



You probably have seen that long queue when walking down to the China Garden at the lake? That’s the most famous gelato stop we have at the Zurich lake, I bet! And for the little kids: there is a little cute plastic animal on top of the ice cream as a little gift. The flavours are fresh and the selection is classic. I love their berries & yoghurt and cinnamon flavour a lot!

They also have a shot in Kreis 4 at Tellstrasse 20.

Price per scoop: 3.50 CHF.


Eisladen Wiedikon

This gelato shop just joined our hood! Their ingredients are all local they told me and several vegan options are available. The brownies used for the cookies & cream flavour are home-baked and a true highlight is their chimney brad stuffed with gelato you need to give a try, too.

Do you remember having spaghetti ice cream as a kid when visiting German cities? You have to know, a lot of Italian when immigrating to Germany started their own business with a gelato shop and so they invented this delicious way of eating gelato. That’s a must-try, too.

Price per scoop: 3.50, Spaghetti ice cream: 11 CHF.

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