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Ristorante Italia

rigatoni salsiccia

My personal highlight: Pasta with salsiccia, it’s like being down at the bottom of the heel

This is a restaurant to eat excellent pasta or typical traditional Italian food from the southern region of Italy. My favorite pasta there is the pasta rigatoni with salsiccia.

In the main sala called “sala rosa” the restaurant has an enomat. Here you can select out of a variety of wines from Italy and Switzerland. It’s kind of fancy to hold your glass under a machine and fill it by yourself. Salute!

Make your own choice. The place is at Zeughausstrasse 61.

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How to recognize the True Italian Taste – An easy Italian recipe to cook at home!

My father used to say: It’s all about the best quality ingredients you have in your kitchen to create a tasty recipe.

And I feel so lucky that since my childhood my palate got to experience the True Italian Taste! This makes it very easy today to recognize if a product derives from genuine and high-quality ingredients.

Now you can ask, how can you recognize an original Italian product?
To recognize real Italian products you have to read PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or D.O.P. It stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (literally Protected Designation of Origin.

According to latest market insights, the most copied Italian product is Parmigiano Reggiano, followed by Prosciutto di Parma and San Daniele, but also, Grana Padano cheese, Mozzarella di Bufala, Asiago and Gorgonzola cheese are copied.

Pay attention on the labels and the packaging. If you read “traditional ham” or “country ham” for example, usually they aren’t real Italian products.

100% Made in Italy products combined with creativity make the magic happen in the kitchen!

On this occasion, Chef Cristian Pratelli from Casa Artusi and presenter Sara Bello provided a group of media experts with their expertise during an online cooking class organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce from Geneva & Zurich under the motto: Authentic Italian Table. Chef Cristian used a selection of fantastic Italian products we had received at home, too.

Can you imagine how high my heart jumped when I got delivered the True Italian Taste box full of flavours?

This is what the box included:

A white wine called Greco di Tufo – L’arietta Vinosia from the Campania Region!
A Franciacorta from the company Ca’del Bosco
A Moscato sweet wine with bubbles called “Dolce Le Rughe”
Oliixir Biologic Extra virgin Olive Oil from Sicily distributed by Foodforhealth in Switzerland
Pacchetelle di Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP
Olive Caiazzane Nuova Eden – Agricola San Giovanni Antonio
Conchiglie Pasta di Gragnano – Afeltra
Ceci di Controne – Chickpeas from Michele Ferrante – Controne (Salerno)
Risotto rice from Risoacquerello
Parmigiano Reggiano 24 month Consorzio Vacche rosse

What would you create with Conchiglie pasta, tomato sauce, eggplants, Parmigiano Reggiano and Mozzarella di Bufala?

Chef Cristian inspired me a lot with the preparation of the crunchy rice paddies paired with hummus & Friarielli. By now I had never stuffed Conchiglie pasta with mozzarella di Bufala &  eggplant! Watch how I prepared the Conchiglie here.

How to prepare the Conchiglie pasta


  • 200 gr of Conchiglie Pasta Afeltra
  • 1 aubergine
  • 250 gr Pacchetelle di Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP
  • 2 Mozzarella di Bufala (ca. 125 gr each)
  • fresh basil
  • Biologic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Oliixir


  • Boil the Conchiglie for ca. 7 Min. – Take them out of the water and let them cool down.
  • Peel the skin of the eggplant and cut the same amount of stripes (ca. 0.5 cm thin) as Conchiglie you are going to stuff.
  • Cut the eggplant into little cubes and pan-fry them golden with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Season with salt and herbs. Let it cool down. Fry the eggplant stripes until they get golden, too – put apart.
  • Cut the Mozzarella into little cubes, and add it to the eggplant cubes.
  • In another pan, fry the garlic with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the tomato to make a delicious sauce.
  • Stuff the Conchiglie with the cubes, and make a loop with the eggplant strip around the Conchiglia so that it looks like a little cute package.
  • Take a square mould and distribute the Conchiglie
  • Pour the tomato sauce over the Conchiglie as a final step. Grate as much Parmigiano Reggiano you like over the pasta
  • Put it in the oven for ca. 20 min. You can put an aluminium foil for the first 15 min. in order to prevent the pasta to dry out.

Pair a delicious white wine from Campania – The Greco di Tufo “L’arietta Vinosia”. It is refreshing with a marked but harmonious acidity, supported by fresh minerality.

A big thank you to all involved parties for this unforgettable culinary trip with 100% Made in Italy products!

In the mood to get inspired on a Piedmont Trip? Read my blog post here!


This blog post has been created as part of a collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland. The project “True Italian Taste” is part of the government program “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” which is promoted and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and carried out by Assocamerestero. It was launched in 2016 in the markets of North America, to then land in the following years also on the main reference markets of Italian agri-food exports in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. The project is being developed in collaboration with 36 CCIEs in 23 countries around the world and aims to raise awareness among foreign consumers about the consumption and informed purchase of food 100% made in Italy to counter the phenomenon of Italian Sounding, which improperly uses words, colours, locations, images, names and recipes that recall Italy for foods that have very little Italian about them. True Italian Taste aims to spread a greater knowledge of the characteristics of typicality, places of origin and nutritional aspects and DOP-IGP certification.
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How to survive your quarantine with good food and amusing activities for singles, couples or families


Seeking delicious takeaway or delivery food options during the lockdown in Zurich and ideas on how to spend valuable time at home?

Find inspiration & creativity in this blog post for food, sports or love! We will be affected by this situation for several months, it is important to be well prepared!

Now that all restaurants in Zurich are closed due to the coronavirus, it is essential to support Zurich Gastronomy and order delicious meals for home. From street food to gourmet restaurants, there is a variety of options for vegan, vegetarian and meat lovers.

Discover here my lockdown food suggestions, most of them available through uber eats

  • Try the website lockdown-gourmet with plenty of international food such as Asian, Italian, Local Swiss or Mexican for example. Some of the food is delivered by UberEats, some directly through the restaurant.
  • My top Asian so far for Sushi: Hato Restaurant, get your order directly on UberEats or and for traditional Japanese dishes absolutely try Gaijin Izakaya. For super healthy fresh bowls or more sushi try: Barfuesser! Find more on the restaurant in my food guide, here!
  • A light and healthy poke bowl? Kaisin was my choice for a light dinner! Get them on uber eats, too!
  • Greek Food lovers, go for Oh My Greek,
  • In the mood for some sweets for your romantic dinner or brunch family? Sweet pastry creations from Dolder Hotel, Star Patissier Christian Hümbs wait for you. They deliver for free if you live in Zurich Kreis 7! Otherwise, you can go for a pick up at the hotel.
  • Pizza lovers know: Ristorante Luigia is one of the best addresses for Neapolitan Pizza, so don’t miss that one, too.
  • Pizza al Taglio if you are around the Old City in Niederdorf! Ritù Pizza makes the best Pizza slices in town! Natural ingredients and seasonal toppings such as artichokes, salame calabrese bit spicy and much more!

Fresh Bread and chocolate croissants!

A bike ride in the fresh air will be good for your brain cells! Visit John Baker at Helvetia Platz or Stadelhofen for your fresh bread or croissant early in the morning. There are allowed only 2 people at a time in the shop, so no worries about nervous customers standing around you. Read my detailed blog post on their tasty chocolate croissant, here!

Specialty Coffee for takeaway or a Gelato to go!

  • My favourite coffee shop Grande close to Central offers Coffee & Negroni’s to take away! Open Monday – Friday!
  • Just Coffee is my new entry! Coffee is good, their Vegan Donuts are awesome! Try it out! Open Monday – Sunday!
  • Don’t forget to stop by Gelateria di Berna for your ice cream! Be aware of the long line, so go early!

In the mood of a Negroni during lockdown made by your local Barkeeper?

The company Mikks supports Zurich bars and makes it possible to continue enjoying cocktails during the lockdown. Visit the site cheerstosupport and find the drink of your choice from your dearest Cocktail Bar in Zurich!

Among the bars that deliver from now on are, for example, the “Bar Sacchi“, which offers various Negronis, and the “Acid Bar“, which among other things mixes a Ginger Lemon Kick. The “Barista Corado” offers espresso martini and the “Kasheme” bar offers light my fire and purple haze. We love this initiative very much!

Cooking at home during quarantine or mixing your own cocktail

I’ve always been a fan of easy recipes, especially now when I don’t go out shopping every day I try to plan my shopping list as accurate as possible and go for recipes that are easy to prepare. There are plenty of recipes such as risotto or oven recipes, where few ingredients are needed. I try to vary with veggies and fruits! Bake your own bread, pancakes or nutrition bars with nuts and honey.

And if you like to mix your own very simple drink at home, absolutely recommend checking the online shop of agoimports for some artisan fruity soda drinks in from the brand Three Cents. They come in different flavours and taste supernatural! They are created with natural spring water from Rododafni (Greece). You can find also a selection of spirits such as Gin, Vermouth or Tequila. My choice is the 100% handmade pink grapefruit soda mixed with some vermouth!

Online shopping is still possible so if you love fresh juices I absolutely recommend a cold press where you can create fast and easy vitamin bombs to start your day! The drink I love most is carrots, ginger & apples!

Follow Laz uns Kochen for Mediterranean inspiration in your kitchen, anaundnina for fresh and creative recipes or my friend Alma for some yummy baking ideas!

How to emotionally survive quarantine if you are single or a family!

These apps are much more fun and allow you to interact with the people you know or B with random people around the globe!

  • Houseparty
    As the name suggests, it offers a way to hang out and party with friends while couped up at home.
  • Words With Friends 2
    Essentially a Scrabble clone built for phones, it comes with an interface designed for interacting online.
  • comehome
    Meet new friends, participating in house events organized in your city. It’s focused on Italy, Spain & UK – Check it out 🙂
  • Smule App to get your karaoke career started!

Zero cost travelling for mind and soul to Europe, Africa or Asia?

We all know, that one day we will travel again, get some virtual travel suggestions for Europe, Africa or Asia on my travel blog section!

In the mood for some virtual Museum visits around the globe?

Are you bored of Netflix and the endless browsing on the internet? Here comes your virtual museum visit without leaving your couch!

  • British Museum, London
    This iconic museum located in the heart of London allows virtual visitors to tour the Great Court and discover the ancient Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies.
  • Guggenheim Museum, New York
    Get ready with Google’s Street View for a tour through the Guggenheim’s famous spiral staircase. Discover incredible works of art from the Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary eras!
  • Musée d’Orsay, Paris
    Walk virtually through this popular gallery that houses dozens of famous works from French artists who worked and lived between 1848 and 1914. Get a peek at artworks from Monet, Cézanne, and Gauguin, among others.
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
    Are you a fan of this tragic, ingenious painter then see his works up close by virtually visiting this museum – the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh?
  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence
    This less well-known gallery houses the art collection of one of Florence, Italy’s most famous families, the de Medicis. The building was designed by Giorgio Vasari in 1560 specifically for Cosimo I de Medici.

To see more of Google Arts & Culture’s collection of museums, visit the collection’s website. There are thousands of museum Street Views on Google as well. Google Arts & Culture also has an online experience for exploring famous historic and cultural heritage sites.

Single and in the mood to flirt online –  Spread  Love not Corona!

In Zurich, a group of single boys & girls launched a flirting platform called: be-my-quarantine. The website is in German but once you’re logged in you can chat in any language! Get more directly on their site!

Why not have a coffee talk with Swiss celebrities or random people living in Switzerland?

The platform that makes this possible is called “binenand“. The platform connects generations in Switzerland, makes projects visible and networks actors and interested parties. Get a better picture on Instagram. The website seems to be in maintenance right now.

Ever tried Breakletics ? Looking for some fun and creative online sports instructors?

I personally was attending some classes in the studio Balboa in Zurich before lockdown, this is where I discovered the workout “Breakletics” and Leo. Check his classes to sweat and have fun! On Instagram, he goes live daily!

Yoga & fitness go perfectly along together!
My preferred online yoga studio is called: Alo Yoga Give it a try and let me know how you like it! There is a wide mix of instructors you can choose of. They are running a 14 day free trial right now!

In the best case, we can even integrate some of these new habits into our routine and make them last also after this covid-19 pandemic.

Stay safe and healthy!


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Caffé e Ristorante Mandarino Zurigo by Bindella

My personal highlight: The serving staff is there to make you feel home – don’t be surprised if Mamma Pina sits next to you for a chat after the meal

Welcome to Puglia in Zurich. Here is the place to enjoy fresh and handmade pasta, pesce, carne & dolci.

Caffè e Ristorante Mandarino is located at the train station Stadelhofen. Bindella created a temporary space for lovers of the Puglia Cuisine. A typical sort of pasta served are orecchiette (means little ears). This pasta comes best with veggies, either broccoli or cime di rapa. Find Meat and Fish made after traditional recipes, too. I had some delicious stuffed calamares with bread, red wine and black olives!

The interior of the restaurant is simple and arranged with much love. The porcelain used to serve the meals has been hand selected in a little village in Puglia from the Bindella Manager Davide and perfectly reflects the tradition of eating pasta with the family. A wonderful antique hand-painted portrait from the 1800 showing a madonna from Puglia gives a special touch to the living room ambience.

Where the mamma chats to you and food is served with passion

Don’t be surprised if the food is served directly from the pot into your plate, or if the Mama sits next to you for a lovely chat. The uncomplicated and very family like ambience here makes this place adorable and very unique.

Enjoy a lunch menu or dinner with best wines from Puglia. Maybe you prefer a piece of hand made cake with a coffee! Convince yourself! Make a reservation here.

Address: mandarino, Kreuzbühlstrasse 1, 8008 Zürich

Opening hours:
Mo – Fr,  07.00 – 23.00 Uhr,  Sa – So   09.00 – 23.00 Uhr
Ristorante: Mo – So   11.30 – 14.00 Uhr / 18.00 – 23.00 Uhr


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Vineria Centrale

vineria centrale

My personal highlight: Wine and aperitivo like in Italy, their passito malvasia delle Lipari is world class

Aperitivo Place

In the mood of an aperitivo Italian Style? There are not many places in Zurich where you can get this. I suggest Vineria centrale. This Winebar is located at Neugasse 42, Zurich. Their selection of wine is excellent.

If you can manage, get there on Thursday’s or Friday’s at 7 pm. You find a variety of of antipasti. This is a typical Italian thing, a food culture let’s say. Italians love being together, eat good food, drink wine and talk about life.

Buy your drink and for a supplement of 2 Swiss Francs , antipasti. Check out their website!

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Ristorante La Baracca

la baracca zurich

My personal highlight: The antipasti plate cut thin. Simple meat love.

Pizza and pasta from the wood oven

La Baracca is one of the places where you have to go for pizza or pasta. It’s not cliché, it’s the one and only truth. These place offers really good Italian cuisine. They know how to make the food. The pizza for example gets it’s bottom exactly as it should bethin and crispy, not overloaded with ingredients. A tomato sauce tastes like 100% tomato, fresh and fruity and of excellent Italian quality. It is always very busy, make sure you have a reservation.

La baracca is located at Kanzleistrasse 103. An Italian staff will love to give you suggestions on what to eat. Beside Pizza I recommend their amazing antipasti. Fresh salame, prosciutto, regional Italian cheese and mozzarella are super tasty.

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