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25Hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse

My personal highlight: Living the urban nomad style in between of Langstrasse and Europaallee in Zurich by getting involved into NENI’s food philosophy and the Balagan lifestyle. Christoph Hoffmann’s & Haya Molcho’s life attitude is viral!

People who do not know this area of Zurich will love it right away. Langstrasse Kreis 4 meets Europaallee Kreis 5. The diversity is astonishing. Walking through Langstrasse you understand what I mean. It’s the most multi cultural area of Zurich including a red light district and plenty of amazing young art.
Across the other side to Europaallee you feel the new trend towards modern office spaces, local designer stores and fancy popup stores.

The best premise to open up a pocket universe

Who better than the creative heads at 25Hours Hotels could perfectly put into scene the vibrant changes of these two Zurich areas and merge them into a hotel concept? That is how 25 Hours Hotels Zürich Langstrasse was born.

Christoph Hoffmann, CEO of 25Hours Hotels and his team cooperated with local architects E2A and the interior Design Studio Aisslinger from Berlin. A fancy, stylish but very practical and surprising surrounding is the result.

Since art is an important topic in this Zurich area you get to see big pieces of art spread all over the house.
An in-house atelier lead by the Zurich artist Esther Eppstein has its base in the hotel. Esther invites and promotes young artists and coaches them on a defined project.
Find a Kiosk curated by local Media publisher KEIN & ABER VERLAG. Get selected books or fancy accessories.

This is 25 Hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse

  • 170 rooms in the categories M, L and XL as of 270 CHF
  • meeting space for up to 80 people on various floors
  • NENI Restaurant with eclectic east Mediterranean meze inspired by Chef Haya Molcho. The menu includes meat dishes from the charcoal Josper-Grill
  • Cinchona bar with fancy Highball drinks by Jörg Meyer
  • Artists studio „Message Salon Embassy“ lead by Esther Eppstein – artist in residence
  • Zurich Publisher Petter Haag from Kein & Aber Verlag with an inhouse Kiosk & Books
  • trainspotting-sauna incl. gym
  • club floor to relax with analog game room as a polaroid flipper box, sound lounge
  • ue boom bluetooth speakers and FREITAG Bag in all rooms
  • iMac work stations
  • free of charge mini car and bike rental
  • a hearty and service oriented staff that makes you feel home away from home


Find 170 modern and stylish, urban designed rooms in the sizes M, L, XL and 2 suites. The rooms follow different themes on different floors. Live the topic “Red Light”, “Belle Etage” and “Penthouse” brought into scene with extravagant, appealing wallpapers designed by local artists. Natural materials are combined with warm colors and stylish, functional furniture. The hotel cooperates with the famous Swiss furniture brand De Sede, too.
I love the bath tube overlooking Zurich’s Primetower or the glassy open shower where you live the modern open space. Find all details for booking a room here.

Food & Drinks

The cherry on the top is the NENI Restaurant following the life philosophy of Haya Molcho and her 4 sons. An eclectic east Mediterranean cuisine is created inspired by a Street food style from Telaviv and the world. Get a variety of light and flavorful lunch and dinner menus.
Try the Balagan style, which means that you order several plates and share them together!
The open bar at the kitchen invites to catch an insight how Chef Peter Schüler and team prepare the food for you. Or just talk to the guest next to you.
A uniqueness of 25 Hours Hotels food concept Langstrasse is the Josper Grill. Get local quality dry aged meat grilled on a 100% charcoal grill.

The house bar Cinchona is where world experienced Barkeeper Jörg Meyer introduces guests to a new trend of “day drinking”. Taste the daily changing variety of Highball drinks with best local Vermouth, Sherry or port mixed with tonic water and citrus fruits. The two big ice balls keep your drink at the right temperature and coolness.

Seminars, Events working spaces

A cozy corner with a chimney invites to relax and read a book on the main floor. The hotel offers a lot of space to relax and work. Spaces can be rent and used for conferences or private events, too.
The club floor on the first floor throws you back in time. Find analog game room as a polaroid flipper box or a sound lounge and additional working or event spaces.

My personal highlights

Getting to know Haya Molcho and feeling her passion for food is delightful. She is a person full of energy and ideas transmitting the Balagan style. On of her sons laughs and confirms, that she is really Balagan. This Hebrew word means: sympathetic chaos! NENI is a word play out of her 4 sons names. Nuriel, Elior, Nadiv and Ilan. The name reflects their philosophy of life. NENI is a passion paired with openness and love for food. Eating is always done at a large table with the whole family and many friends. That is what you feel when talking to Haya Molcho in person. That is also what you feel when entering at NENI Restaurant at 25 Hours Hotels.

The Molcho Family runs several NENI restaurants within the 25Hours Hotels in Europe. They make sure the NENI philosophy is lived in every NENI Restaurant. The Kitchen team at 25Hours Hotels gets regular coaching on how to prepare and maintain the NENI food philosophy alive.

Thank you for using the Lovefoodish food and travel guide.

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25 Hours Hotel Zürich West

My personal highlight: Discovering a view over Zurich’s industrial Kreis 5 through a pink glassed door in the sauna

25 Hours Hotel offer surprising spots in several European cities. These people create living concepts for travelers that make one feel home away from home. It’s not only their company philosophy, you feel this by yourself when entering their door. It’s the attention and dedication from their staff. The FREITAG bag or portable music pill you find in the room. The bike or mini car you get for free to explore the city.

What impresses, too, is the interior and accuracy of the selected design and materials. The ambience always bases on a story.

This is Zurich West

An urban fast developing industrial area in Kreis 5, approx. 15 minute bike ride to the city centre of Zurich. Around here you can feel, the startup culture. Modern living spaces and clubs are based here, too. The hotel is embedded in a building where you find offices, apartments and shops.

Experience decent timeless beauty at 25Hours Hotel Zürich West

Everything is tone in tone and not overloaded, elegant and colorful. The Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli gave his touch to the house. His inspiration follows the motto: „the smile of my hometown“. He invites guests to explore Zurich’s and Switzerland’s hidden beauty. Show more than bank, chocolate and watches. Alfredo designed for brands as Camper, Iittala, Kvadrat or Vitra. He knows how to create living spaces.

This is 25 Hours Hotel Zürich West

  • 126 rooms in the categories silber, gold and platinum
  • meeting space for up to 120 people
  • event room with a well equipped kitchen for team events
  • club floor to relax
  • NENI Restaurant with eclectic east Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Chef Haya Molcho
  • sauna with a breathtaking view over Zurich through the pink glass
  • mare kiosk with quality products as food, books, gadgets and gimmicks
  • ue boom bluetooth speakers and FREITAG Bag in all rooms
  • iMac workstations
  • free of charge mini car and bike rental
  • a hearty and service oriented staff that makes you feel home away from home
  • Art Installations by Alfredo Häberli


Find 126 rooms in the categories: Silber, Gold and Platinum. The Platinum rooms offer a balcony with a wonderful view over Zurich. There are bunk-bed rooms, too. Get all room details here.

Modern and functional interiors complete the rooms. Nicolas Bovet the Sales & Marketing Manager of the house mentions, that even the door handle is thought out. It’s made with a material that gives the perfect grip when touching it.
The hair dryers in the rooms are one of the best used in the industry from the brand black mambo. A great hair dryer is Something the Hotel Manager Anita Vogel appreciates herself when traveling.

Seminars &  Kitchenclub

I fall in love with their event room! Book the room for some team cooking or kitchen battles. Prepare the menu yourselves, supervised by the 25hours kitchen & service team. Find all the available kitchen events here.
The whole house has great spaces for workshops and conferences. Find more details about their seminar rooms and offers here.

Food at NENI

The restaurant offers a open space for lunch, after work and dinner. The interior is very fancy bright and invites people to relax at the bar after a busy day.

NENI is famous for eclectic east Mediterranean cuisine inspired by Street food style from Tel Aviv. Haya Molcho is the Chef and founder of the NENI restaurants. She runs the restaurant business with her 4 sons. She loves to travel so the dishes are internationally inspired. Most of the food can be ordered as Balagan. Balagan is a lovely way to define an sympathetic chaos in hebrew. Order across the menu and share with your friends.

I liked the Sabich very much. Sabich is a streetfood from Tel Aviv. It comes with baked eggplant, hummus, tomato salsa, tahina with amba and poached egg in a tortilla.

The Jerusalem plate is a must try, too. Comes with grilled strips of chicken breast, bell pepper, onions, oriental spices and fresh herbs, hummus, tahina and pita bread.

For breakfast I love their tea selection called samova and hand made fruity jams  from local producers.

My personal highlights

Walking through this house feels like being on a mini tour through Switzerland. The concept of Alfredo Häberli is perfectly set into place. Guest feel like in wonderland. Me too.

The dessert is my culinary highlight! The Kanafeh with a Mozzarella-Ricotta filling, Joghurt ice cream and minced pistachios was fingerlickn’ good.

I felt home here. Thank you to the staff for this wonderful experience and being part of the Lovefoodish travel guide.

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