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Bear’N’Stein Craftbeer & Brewpub Zurich

My personal highlight: aromatic craft beer can be brewed in your own cellar – few equipment, passion and right portion of creativity: The story of a Zurich based Craft Beer Brewery

I was not a big beer connoisseur back in time. Dedication and curiosity taught me how to recognize the variety of flavors and tastes that beer can offer. That is how I fell in love with Craft Beers first. Their taste is aromatic, strong and full of different flavors. Some are sweet and herb, some fruity and sour.

This article shall bring you the choice of craft beer closer and introduce you to a brewery I discovered in Zurich. Just by case I got introduced to the Zurich Beer Brewery called Bear’N’stein. Pierre and Urs the owner of the brewery shared their story and passion with me.

Where everything started, who are Bear’N’Stein

Bear=Urs, Stein=Pierre, so “Urs & Pierre“ are brewing beer together for five years. In 2016 they founded Bear’N’Stein, a microbrewery in Zurich. Very soon they received positive reviews (award: Best Newcomer 2017 from the renowned beer critic Bov (

Some people store bikes in their cellar, other brow their own beer. Pierre and Urs have this passion in common since several years and I am very happy to have been invited to see these tasty drops flowing out of a big metal tank. Making beer seems a bit complex to me. Pierre reveals about the instruments needed as a hydrometer to measure the alcohol value for example or several simple cans and bowls. A crucial ingredient I found out is having chemistry knowledge and creativity!

Your individual taste for Beer?

Brewing beer means individualizing the amount of alcohol and taste for the batches you create. Pierre experiments with citrus fruits to create a sour and fruity beer. Interested to know more about the blending of beer with fruits? I found this very interesting article online.
Out in his garden grow herbs and ingredients he integrates in the beer brewing. This is where I catch a picture of hops and understand how much sophisticated work is needed.

The basic ingredients of beer are water; a starch source, such as malted barley, able to be fermented (converted into alcohol); a brewer’s yeast to produce the fermentation; and a flavoring, such as hops, to offset the sweetness of the malt.

Which ingredients are needed for Home Brewing Beer?

  • Water
    Water is the most varied chemical substance we have. Elements dissolved in pure water make big contributions to beer.
  • Malt extract
    This is the lifeblood of home brewed beer. Choose a malt extract based on the variety of beer you desire to brew: amber, pilsner, or wheat?
  • Yeast
    Hello live organisms! They turn sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol and are available in dry and liquid form. They top or bottom fermenting, depending on the type of beer to be created.
  • Hops
    Find them as whole leaf hops, pellets and plugs in dozens of varieties. Ask specialized suppliers for the best products to choose of.

Modern brewers rely on tools developed in the field of chemistry to achieve their goals. That explains the exact and thought-out approach applied. Tools used to measure the alcohol content of beer will help ensure that an India Pale Ale doesn’t develop alcohol levels more suited to an Imperial IPA, and thus compromise the balance of the brew; tools borrowed from the chemist also ensure that the next bottle of IPA from a given brand will taste and feel the same as the one enjoyed yesterday.

Let’s have a look at the offered beer types at Bear’N’Stein

Blond Ale, Pils, IPA, Bitter Ale, Stout or for example Belgian Style the a wide range of delights are available to spoil your palate. I love the variety of flavors that every single beer offers. There is a beer sort for everyone. And they are all made locally.

Your favorite beer is…

Usually I love aromatic wit beers that are bit sweet. Pierre introduced me to a beer with a really light, fruity and sour taste that is ideal for hot summer days! The names and labels of their beers tell a story.  Some take you into a movie, some into a famous music song. Enjoying a beer evolves into a special moment of pleasure.

Two favorite beers I suggest

Smooth Criminal: Blond Ale

Taste: Fruity – bitter – herb – refreshing

Formidable: Belgian Style

Taste: Strong – sweet – fruity

Find more on their selection here

Coming soon BearN’Stein Brew Pub called BIER LAB in Zurich

Thanks to all the positive feedback and because the ambition to offer local products brewed onsite, Bear’N’Stein decided to open the first brewpub Bier Lab in Kreis 4 Zurich. It will be located at Grüngasse 7.It is now in the middle of the preparation. Find a friendly and cozy atmosphere where people can meet for a fresh beer and admire the brewing procedure from close.

Interested in discovering the Lovefoodish food guide in town? Get some inspiration here.

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STORIESZurich Blogging

Grain craft experience – Zurich has it!

How to explain in few sentences what you can experience at this new craft beer and food place in town?

Let’s dive into the craft beer & food experience

I am bit new into craft beer and craft food, so for me what I tasted was indefinable magic. An aromatic explosion! Every course is paired expertly with a craft beer. That is why it is called the “Grain craft experience”. I confirm. It is a very tasteful experience prepared and served with plenty of love.

Amy welcomes guests with a surprise, a delicate craft beer. The “Ichabod Crane Pumpkin Ale” from Bachweg Brewery in Zug contains a juicy fresh flavor of roasted pumpkin, Butternut squash and a light cinnamon aroma.


To start the food component of our Grain craft experience Chef Patrick Leuenberger sends out a starter of tangy cured Arctic Char accompanied with the light and fresh craft Belgian beer Grimbergen Blanche. The beer has a light yellow color, fine bubbles and aromas of fruits, citrus, cloves and coriander. The arctic char is house cured in sea salt and sugar, the hazelnuts and the fresh radish are the cherry on top of the fish. Absolutely amazing combination!

By the way: this is the little secret here at Grain’s, beer is used to give the certain touch to every menu, even in the dessert!

The main course

A Coq au Biere, with a fantastic Italian couscous called “fregola sarda” and yummy duxelle of mushrooms and coco beans, aromatized with Zwickel beer. The chicken breast is brined before, than prepared sous vide and then pan seared to crispy perfection. The chicken leg is salted overnight with fresh herbs and then cooked confit with goose fat for a few hours. This Coq au Biere comes extremely crispy and incredibly tender and super mouth-watering. I just love it!

The beer that comes with this course is a special edition from the brewery Bachweg named: Sweet Brewby Jesus Jubilee (their Winter Ale). The flavor has hints of cinnamon & clove… what a holy taste.

The dessert

Get a Bieramisu super refreshing and light. The combination of coffee ice cream and mascarpone mousse melts on your tongue once in your mouth. I love the decoration of this plate including the little jelly drops made with Bachweg’s Porter House craft beer. The matching beer: a porterhouse vanilla porter with an intense vanilla aroma and dark chocolate and coffee flavor.

I hope you are hungry and thirsty now! It’s time to stop by at Grain’s. The chef and his team will offer you a one-of-a-kind culinary experience you will not forget.

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