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Urban gardening in Zurich – Workshop @ Veg and The City

My personal highlights: Planting my first salad seeding and realizing how simple & easy it is to create a little garden on a balcony in a sexy garden grow bag

Start to know food where it grows – cultivate your little urban garden on your Zurich balcony

During the Food & Drinks weeks at Europaallee the basic course for urban gardening of the company Veg and the city caught my interest. As a child my father loved to bring my brother and myself to the veggie garden to learn and unterstand the variety of plants. I have to admit, plenty of that knowledge got lost with the years.
What is left is the special feeling of touching fresh earth and the desire to grow food from scratch with my own care and love.
Living in Zurich city makes it more difficult to cultivate vegetables or fruits. The only plants I ever buy – mostly already full-grown – are basil or mint. Sometimes my father gives me a already grown plant of cherry tomatoes, but that’s it. Motivation enough to initiate my own little garden on the balcony.
The course at Veg and the city is the perfect kick off to get basic knowledge for your own little garden. We learnt about so called 10 golden rules for a successful balcony garden! As you can imagine, care, patience and quality biological farming products are essential. Not enough said, perfect planning (seasonal) and the ideal spot for your plants with enough daylight is crucial to make your little green babies grow and flourish.

Interested to know more about how to you initiate your own urban gardening project?

Get your knowledge and starting motivation @Veg an the city. Begin with their basic course and see where it brings you! A class costs 95 CHF for 3 hours of full knowledge transfer and hands-on gardening.

About Veg and the city

Experience a young team of nature-loving people that set themselves the goal to restore the lost connection to the food and to preserve the knowledge of self-vegetable farming for the next generations.
Find gardening courses for every level. Visit their shop at Europaallee (Lagerstrasse 36-38), at Freilagerstrasse 71 or in Winterthur. They also offer floral wedding decorations. Just ask for what you need!
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