All in one experience in the Bernese Alps: Exquisite food, live music and superb accommodation

The Wetterhorn is a secret escape at Hasliberg, a mountain in the Bernese Alps located in between of Lucerne and Interlaken. Either by car or train, you can get there very easy for a weekend trip and enjoy hiking or skiing or a great concert. By car you reach it in 40 min. from Lucerne. What this hotel offers was kind of unique and new to me. It’s more than just an accommodation.

Built in 1907, it was originally a summer residence, now it’s transformed into a modern and idyllic ambience where culture meets local food and nature. Christoph and his team introduced me to the heritage of the Hotel Wetterhorn. Since the house was abandoned for a while and you cannot imagine, how the interior of the hotel looked like! Once standing empty being an old illegal party place it is today a shining star in the Berneroberland. The house has been completely renewed. Sinnvollgastro is the owner of the house. They are a Lucerne-based company in the gastronomic business specialized in the conception of innovative culinary places. I have to confirm, they did an amazing job up here!


There are several room categories available in the house even party people find modern multiple bedrooms for a good budget. Every room is kind of different and unique. I stayed in a deluxe room that I absolutely recommend. The room is cozy, warm and spacious. Most of the rooms have an own kitchen, which offers great comfort. The ambience is stylish with a mix of simplicity. Closing the day by taking a relaxing bath and enjoying the panoramic view with a sunset was memorable.


Book their seminar package and enjoy a well-equipped room to work on your creative business ideas. The ambience will inspire you for sure. Get in contact with the hotel to find out all details about the seminar offer.

Food & Drinks, Cantina 1313

The Wetterhorn team puts great attention to origin of their products. Food waste is a topic they care about. The beefsteak I had comes from their local farmer up at Hasliberg. It’s a highland cattle a very prestigious and delicious Swiss beef! The meat is prepared on a grill, the taste super tender and juicy. It was accompanied by some red beet and potato Röschti with an extremely crunchy taste.

The house follows the nose to tail concept which means, that every part of the animal is used in the kitchen and seen as precious good. Their menu is simple but prepared fresh and with delicacy.

How do they care about food waste?
The Chefs use their creativity to prepare great tasting pickled veggies, this to produce some stock for the winter. They also cultivate a nice permaculture garden that offers a super selection of herbs all year long.
The cantina 1313 is the wine cellar of the hotel. Ask for their enchanting wine card and get the chance to select your own bottle of delicious drops with an expert guide.

For liqueur lovers it’s a must to try the unique Heuschnaps (hay Liqueur) made according to an old tradition from pomaceous fruits. Its taste is delicious sweet! Don’t get addicted! Further you find nice red wines, cocktails and house beers that I absolutely recommend.

Events and activities

Going a bit into the events I find a great mix of activities for young and old. Famous Swiss Acts as Adrian Stern or Dabu Fantastic and International acts as Mozart Heroes are on the program for this year. Beside the music acts join their legendary the Sausage Festival, Snow Boccia or a Yoga week. As you see, the variety of activities is surprising! The whole program is available here.

My personal highlights

Waiting at the bus station two 80 years old ladies started telling me personal stories about their youth and Sunday walks up here. They seemed very happy to see the Hotel Wetterhorn in this new robe now. Local people love to stop by for lunch or a coffee and chat with the staff.

My other highlight offered me a lovely flashback to my childhood. While dining I observed a little girl walking with the staff into the kitchen to prepare a chocolate cream. How attentive from the staff taking complete care about small and big guests! The atmosphere in this place is uncomplicated and relaxing and very welcoming. If you get the chance talk to Oxi, he takes care about the whole house and knows a lot of stories to share!

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